Across Australia, innovative companies rely on CAIP Services to design and administer customised Income Protection Schemes for thousands of their employees. CAIP is an industry innovator and is changing the paradigm of how Insurance, Group Income Protection and Employee Benefits schemes are delivered.
Our purpose is to assist corporations by providing customised Income Protection Schemes which provide practical benefits and support you and your employees when needed most.
One of CAIP’s core founding principles is the delivery of meaningful communication that counts & you can count on. Over the past 12 years, we have worked with pioneering companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Infrastructure and Resource Fields. Silently and steadily we have continued to build and strengthen the bond between employer and employee. We’ve developed a hands-on understanding of the unique challenges faced on the ground, through working with people at every level of your organisation. At CAIP we spend the time to understand your company’s values.
Meaningful relationships build great companies, and great companies are built by people who feel valued. CAIP can help you construct an enduring solution that firmly balances bottom line realities with human needs.
No two organisations are the same. No two people are the same. Therefore no product can be the same. We don’t offer off-the-shelf products. We work with you to customise a solution that fits your unique needs and reflects the respect, compassion and care you have for all your employees.
By working together we ensure that CAIP’s unwavering commitment to meaningful communication, builds enduring relationships. The most enduring relationships are forged through the hard times. We would like to share our experience with you and your employees. 
CAIP, it’s not just another product, it’s a way of thinking.


Check out our recent feature in the July edition of Business Review Australia. We are exceptionally proud of where the continued support of our clients has taken us. We are always striving to bring the absolute highest level of service, innovation and old school values to all we do. click here to have a read.




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