We all wish to support our employees in time of need.  However, bottom line realities cannot always accommodate to support employees whilst they are unable to work for an extended time.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, an attractive Employee Benefits program, which has been custom designed for you, is important if you want to be seen as an Employer of Choice.

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of Income Protection and Employee Benefit Policies.

  • Group Personal Accident and Sickness
  • Group Salary Continuance
  • Journey Cover
  • Group Life & TPD

We provide real benefits to you and your employees, corporate and blue collar, when it is needed most.     


Customise Your Wordings Coverage and Benefits


Given we are the architects of our product wording we have the ability to tailor benefits and wording unique to your clients’ benefits program within a 48 hour timeframe. This means that we can develop benefits that are exclusive and unique to your needs.


Tailoring Pricing for each Policy


We understand that Income Protection comes at a considerable cost and needs to be sustainable. We are always looking for ways to reduce cost across the board without eroding member benefits.

Group insurance can be complex, but there is no need for you to deal with these complexities. CAIP Services can analyse your needs to provide and administer a customised plan that will best suit your objectives and goals. We can save you time and money and ensure you end up with a plan that suits your requirements and is attractive to your employees.

Before making any decision about whether to acquire our product you should consider our Product Disclosure Statement. 

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