CAIP Services has developed one of the most cost effective and broad levels of cover available in Australia. The cover that we have developed supports you with the benefits of:

  1. Fast Quotation Turnaround
    We aim to get your quotations turned around within 24 hours
  2. Superior Claims Handling Service
    Most efficient, fast and compassionate claims handling service in Australia 
    We know that we are only as good as our last claim
  3. Cost Effective Cover
    We do not charge you or your clients the maximum rate outlined in your EBA, we develop cost effective cover at the best possible pricing
    With the ever expanding wage costs this WILL add up to a huge saving
  4. Three (3) Year Policy and Benefit
    We can provide you with a three year policy which guarantees rates and benefits
  5. Most Comprehensive Coverage
    There are very few policies in Australia which offer the level of cover extended to our Clients at our pricing point
  6. Experienced & Dedicated Staff
  7. Direct Access to the Lloyds Of London Markets
    We can provide your retail products at wholesale prices
  8. Industrial Relations Assistance


We have an intimate knowledge of the industrial complexities surrounding the provision of income protection cover and the delicate balance which needs to be managed between Employers and Unions.


We know it all comes down to 

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